Nueva funcionalidad en Navigation info: Temperatura

Now in navigation info, the Androd application to be able to see the altitude, current speed and speed limits of the road through which we pass on Google maps or any other GPS navigator, we have added that you can see the outside temperature.

This is the aspect now of Navigation info working on google maps:

Here we can see the viewers that we already had (speed, speed limit and altimeter) and above you can see the temperature (although remember that you can move the viewers where you prefer)

The temperature is obtained from and is updated every 5 minutes getting the same right from where we are (based on the GPS coordinates).

We are going to test a time how it works and if the data is reliable, if it were not, we would change the temperature server.

Remember: you can download the free android free essay writer program application from here: Navigation info – Altimeter, speedometer and speed limit on maps.

We hope you enjoy it!

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