Nueva funcionalidad en Navigation info: Temperatura

Now in navigation info, the Androd application to be able to see the altitude, current speed and speed limits of the road through which we pass on Google maps or any other GPS navigator, we have added that you can see the outside temperature.

This is the aspect now of Navigation info working on google maps:

Here we can see the viewers that we already had (speed, speed limit and altimeter) and above you can see the temperature (although remember that you can move the viewers where you prefer)

The temperature is obtained from and is updated every 5 minutes getting the same right from where we are (based on the GPS coordinates).

We are going to test a time how it works and if the data is reliable, if it were not, we would change the temperature server.

Remember: you can download the free android free essay writer program application from here: Navigation info – Altimeter, speedometer and speed limit on maps.

We hope you enjoy it!

Navigation info – New application to use over GPS navigators with useful information

We just launched the first version of Navigation info. A more than useful totally free application to be able to see relevant information, on top of your favorite GPS navigator that is displayed on small floating screens.

You can visualize an altimeter, the current speed at which you are going and (this is in beta version, but it already offers quite reliable results) the speed limit of the road you are currently driving.

Now you can open for example google maps, launch navigation info, and automatically 3 floating windows will appear. You can adjust the size and colors of the altimeter and speedometer and the size of the speed limit and if you want to warn when exceeding X km / h or m / h the maximum allowed by the way.

You can also adjust the unit of measurement of the three viewers to km / h or miles / h

The speed limit is obtained from OpenStreetMap and all the limits of all the published routes are not (nor much less), but the main ones are.

You can enter yourself at and edit the map and add speed limits of the areas that interest you most and Navigation info will notify you of the new speed you have added.

Note: Speed ​​limit information is for information purposes, you should never take into account this information about the real one indicated by the road.

You can download the free android application from here: Navigation info – Altimeter, speedometer and speed limit on maps.

New APP: Start Whatsapp chat without saving contact

Due to the high demand, we have developed an application with which you can start a whatsapp with someone without having to add it to the agenda.

It does not happen to you that when you want to say something by whatsapp to someone, in a temporary way, like for example the plumber, or to clients, or to someone who sells something second-hand, you have to add it to your cell phone book?

The procedure for something so simple is expensive: you have to add the contact, then open whatsapp, update the list of contacts, search for the one you have added and select it and start talking. Also, then you have to remember to delete the contact, if you do not have a full contact list that you do not need.

With our new android application, you can start a Whastapp chat with any number, regardless of the country, without having to add it to the account. You write the number, press the button and start the conversation from whatsapp with that person. It’s that simple!


Automatically detect your country If you have to write to someone from another country, write the number with the prefix with the most forward and then the number, or click on the flag and choose the country you want and then the number of the recipient.

You can install it from here:

Start whatsapp chat without saving contact – Free (with ads)

Start whatsapp chat without saving contact – Whitout ads